Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yon pooby fools

So, friends, I found myself once again at the olde publike house, complayning to a wench on this Anonymous nonsense, when I heare behynd me that scourge Jonson laugh. The rogue entered stealthfully and overhear'd my complaints and found th' whole affair entirely too amusing. He ducked out though to avoid the tanckerd flying towards his heade.

Otherwise, earlier in the day I spied several rude me...chanicals apeing some entertainement they had seen of late: Feversham, methinks. (One kept shouting in a loude voice: "FEVERSHAM! FEVERSHAM!" as if he were some vengeful yet farcical ghost.) The incident hath spurr'd me to include, somewhere, such a group performing with all the soul and wyt of a group of carpenters prating in York one of the mystery playes. Let the publike see what a true play-wright can craft compared to the travesties of some pooby fools' Pyramus and Thisbie! Or even an Oxford, hmm?

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