Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ask Young Will

Dear Will,

My betrothed has hied me off to a nunnery. I am so forlorn I think I should go into the pond. What should I do?

--"Drowning in my tears"
Dear Drowning,

Methinks thy betrothed may drive thee mad. Yet, consider: in the nunnery, thou wouldst not be mending his hose or sweeping up mud he wouldst track into thy estate. Ergo: in this matter I agree/Get thee to a nunnery.

Dear Will,

The 'Cobbe portrait' is no longer considered actually be William Shakespeare.

--"Get the facts straight"

Dear Facts,

If we bloggers have offended, think but this, and all is mended: we mean not to cause ye any friction (besides, this be but only fan fiction).

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