Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mine next project

Today, I didst let my mind wander whilst I thought of what comedy I shouldst next scribe. As I twirled my quill and looked out on upon the light, I took me back to my youth, when my mind wandered at the King's New School in my belovéd Stratford. One April morn, Will couldst not ignore the call of the warm sunshine, so I braved the schoolmaster's whip, hied me from the school, and ran to the forest.

No sooner had poor Will thrown himself under the shade of the arbor when I didst hear a tiny "Eeek!" I leaped me up and inspected the earth. My heart trembled to find that I hadst smooshéd a fairy! Before I could even utter a cry of grief, a swarm of the poor creature’s brethren were upon me, their wings beating with such ferocity that I couldst hear them break the stillness of the woods.

Will was not so portly then; my legs were young and strong. I ran me directly to the church and confessed to the prior there. He dragged me back to the schoolroom, where I received lashes from the Master, ten for leaving, ten for lying about the angry fairies.

And alas, my mother didst box mine ears for the curious rose stain that she never managed to remove from my shift.

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