Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Name Ben Jonson's dog!

We still hath not given Ben's poore beaste a name, faire groundlyngs. Behold: I hath put all of thy suggestions in this image. What say you? Dost fancie another name, or doth one of these strike thee as apt for such a dogge? We shalle put it up to a vote in the monthe of September, and our champion shall win a prize. Best of lucke to thee!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

For thy love...

Your Will doth understand how taxyng 'tis to find the rights words for wooing thy love.  Tell those thou adore with mine owne posie by tagging them on a star on Facebook: Shakesblogging or simply share this image.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Will's insults


Need an insult? Will doth have thee cover'd. Feel free to share with those that annoy thee..

Friday, August 24, 2012

Poster and stationery prize on Shakesblogging!

Greetings, faire groundlyngs! Will hath for thee these test printinges of illuminations Kit did make whilst I was in Stratford. All thou must needs do to playe this game is comment with thy favorite line of any of mine workes on Facebook. This conteste endes the 30th of this month when I shall plucke out two champions! One of thee shall win a poster of Marlowe's Many Faces and mine Humours stationery while the seconde and thirde shall winn a poster of each: faces and humours. The posters are 30 by 45cm (or 12 by 18 inches.) Good lucke to all of thee!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The white tower made...naughty

O, Groundlyngs! I doth not knowe how thou wilt take this, but if it offend thee, blame Kit. He hath taken all mine crude wordes and made this Tower of Londoun of them. I pray this make thee laugh as it did with your Will. ;)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Name Ben Jonson's dog contest!

Your Will was at the Boar’s Head this day, paying little heede to Old Tom, who hath neither sense nor good disposition but will assault the eares of those near him. Though I didst try to carry me away from his bootless chatter, he follow’d me to the steps of the tavern. No sooner did I pass the threshholde when I did espie Ben Jonson, with massive cur behind him, suche as would bait the bears at Bankside.

“What, ho, thou hast a son?” I call’d to him.

“No, Will, though he look like he is the sire of some conquest of yours,” Jonson didst bite back. “As I walked through Bankside this morn, I saw some man kick the poor fellow and bellow at it: ‘Weak dog! If thou will not fight, thou will not eat!’ The brute then threw rocks at mutt until the beast would no more return to his brutal master for fear of injurie.” Ben did frown at the dog, which was breathing heavie, and your Will almost did believe the beast wink’d at me.

“I offer’d the beast kind worde,” Ben sighed. “And now he doth follow me about London.”

Old Tom grunted and blocked the tavern door. “That dog cannot come in the Boar’s Head.”

“Oh, verily,” I laughed. “It would be the cleanest item in the tavern. Ben, your dog—“

“He’s not mine,” Ben scowled.

“Methinks he is,” your Will laughed. For just then, the poor creature crawled itself and laid him down at Ben’s feet. “He needs a name, Master Jonson.”

“I’d like an ale,” Ben said to Olde Tom, as he paid me no heed.

Old Tom grunted. “Your dog cannot come in the Boar’s Head.”

“He’s not MY dog,” Ben grunted in return.

What say you, Grounglyngs? What should we name the poor beast? State a name at Shakesblogging on Facebook, and we shall all vote on the winner.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Poster and stationery giveaway on Shakesblogging

Greetings, faire groundlyngs! Will hath for thee these test printinges of illuminations Kit did make whilst I was in Stratford. All thou must needs do to playe this game is comment on Facebook with thy favorite line of any of mine workes. This conteste endes the 30th of this month when I shall plucke out two champions! One of thee shall win a poster of Marlowe's Many Faces and mine Humours stationery while the seconde and thirde shall winn a poster of each: faces and humours. The posters are 30 by 45cm (or 12 by 18 inches.) Good lucke to all of thee!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Shakespeare punkéd...

Uck…Your Will hath passed a taxing day with the curs at the theatre. I myself was enacting Old Hamlet, when Nashe, Kit, and Burbage didst think it amusynge to leave me in the lift, tying rope to wench whilst they did laughe and scurrie off to the Mermaide. I found I could not hoist me with Old Hamlet’s armour as it didst weigh some seven stone. Nor could I crawl under yon stage as the space was not wide enough for poet, playwrighte, actour, armour and alle at once. *sighe* They didst leave me there with full bladder and wearie leggs to have a pint or three and came back makynge merrie, synginge all the while of some gypsie maid and her rounde risynge hillocks. I must finde me a way to make this game even, groundlyngs.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Ask Young Will! Advice on robots, dinosaurs, money pits...

Dear Young Will,

Why did Willy not like mothers, and did away with them in most of his plays?

Just curious, and a little bored, and thus online.
 Dear Curious Little Bored Thus Online,

‘Tis true mothers hath not always fared well in mine workes, though this be not cause for worrie. I hath killed off fathers as well (as in mine Lear, Coriolanus, Hamlet) and children (as in mine Lear and Richard III). Alas, faire groundlyng, thou know'st 'tis common; all that lives must die/Passing through nature to eternity.

Eternally Yours,

Dear Young Will,

Hast THOU attended, Will? 'Twas most flattering to thee and thine effulgence!
Shakespeare: Staging the world


Dear RSVP,

Your Will hath not yet attended this playe, though it be to his lyking. Mayhap these Shakesblogging groundlyngs wouldst be entertained by this mention of this spectacle? We thank thee for this news most joyous.

Eternally Yours,

Dear Young Will,

Ah, yes. Here I am. Mr. Shakespeare: would you please comment on the rumor that you do not exist and your collective works can be more correctly attributed to Sir Walter Raleigh, the evidence of which can be found at the bottom of the "money pit" located on Oak Island off Nova Scotia? Your response please.

Doubting Thomas

Dear Doubting,

Were I Raleigh, I wouldst not be your Will. That would be a tragedie indeed, one I couldst not bring mine quill to pen. And yet, I hath great interest in this “monie pit” thou mentionest, and beg thee share thy map!

Eternally Yours,

Dear Young Will



(Via tumblr@

Dear Tumblrbot,

I prithee, forgive your Will for this long waite thou hath suffered for mine answer, but I didst not understand thy question as mine Flemishe is wanting. After asking of the Flemishe if they couldst translate for me, I learnéd that these “robots” and “dinosaurs” didst not seeme familiar to the Flemishe, either. Thus did I seeke advice from ye moderns, who translated these for me as a like to the clockmaker’s automaton and this “dinosaur” lyke to oure Englishe dragon. If thou art asking your Will for a champion in this imaginarie battle, ‘tis most likely this dragon wouldst conquer wooden automaton with fierie breath, though a robot cast in iron be like to beste the dragon most wickedlie. ‘Tis a spectacle your Will would pay to see!

Eternally Yours,

Thursday, August 16, 2012


As your Will walked to the theatre today, I thought some of thee who didst not lodge in London might long to see the citie. I hath set aside mine time at the tavern this day so I could share this with thee, groundlyngs.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Full fathom five...

I hath had this songe in my head all of the day, groundlyngs. Mayhap I shall scribe it into a playe sometyme...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Winners, and a prize for thee...

I hath pursued young Kit for winners of his vestement prize, those that do read "Team Marlowe." He hath plucked two champions, and those be Lord Christopher Holley and Lady Susan Elizabeth Wigget. Lord Holley, Lady Wiggest, if thou couldst send a private message on Facebook with thy residence to your Will here, I will send Kit to mail thy post for thee. For the rest of thee, groundlyngs, I do offer this door hanging. Thou mayest present it to thy printer on some sturdie page and share if thou wouldst. Eternally yours, Will.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hell hath no fury like Will Shakespeare hackéd

If thou hast a fiend in thy life as hideous as Kit Marlowe, feel free to share this visage with the cur...

Will is back! Will Kit be in trouble?

Your Will here at long last. What hath I misséd? I perceive that errant knave Marlowe hath been at playe on my page whist I was in Stratford. *sigh* If thou art new here at Shakesblogging, thou are most welcome here. Now to see what myschief Kit hath caused...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Win a "Team Marlowe" shirt from Shakesblogging!

Hrm...I could not espie Will at the Mermaid last eve, but Ben Jonson did tell me he was in Stratford, to return in the morn. Mayhap your Kit shouldst make himself scarce when he doth return, as I have also alteréd his blog. Thou canst obse...
rve it here:

Don't forget to lyke mine post here on your Facebooke to be entered for a chaunce to winne this vestment, a Team Marlowe shirt. I shall pluck out a champion this Monday. >:-}

Friday, August 10, 2012

Christopher Marlowe's men

Your Kit here agayn. I hath put together all of my illuminations for thee here. Feel free to share at thy leisure. I am off to the pub to see if I canst find your Will. If I cannot, I shall find me a pint or three. >:-}...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another of Marlowe's men

What merrie sporte! Will still hath not discovered this breech of his Wall. You Kit hath created another masterpiece for thee, groundlyngs. >:-}

The four humours amended by Kit

Ugh.. Will hath his illuminations in suche disarraie. I hath tried to amende this with his humour portraits. Feel free to share if thou wouldst. ~Your Kit

Another Marlovian guess who...

Hrm...Will still hath not noted I have seizéd his Wall. And so, Kitblogging doth persist, groundlyngs!
~Your Kit

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Who am I?

Hrm...Will still hath not noted I have seizéd his Wall. And so, Kitblogging doth persist, groundlyngs! ~Your Kit

Kit's game is still afoot...

Hrm...Will still hath not noted I have seizéd his Wall. And so, Kitblogging doth persist, groundlyngs! ~Your Kit

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Uh oh -- Kit's dispensing advice...

Dear Young Will Kit,

To pass or not to pass. Is that the question? Or, from MacBeth: 'I cannot do this bloody thing.'

Taxéd by Tests

Dear Taxéd,

While your Kit doth sympathise, as he has spent many weary nights at tallow’s ende, fretting o’er an exam at King’s College or then at Cambridge, ‘tis most urgent thou recall thy learning be for a lifetime and not mere moment. There is no sin but ignorance, dear student.

Infinitely Yours,

Dear Young Will Kit,

sure can i wrote this play anthony and cleopatra copy it say it is yours

An Upstart Crowe

Dear Crowe,

Though your Kit’s Flemish be lacking, I gather thou wouldst garnish thyself with Will’s glorie. To this Kit says, thou are most welcome to copie his Antony and Cleopatra. This stratagem thou proposeth, after all, is one our Will doth endorse in his own playes. Ha!

Infinitely Yours,

Dear Young Will Kit,

Everyone accuses Marlowe of being homosexual. When will the fingers point at dear Will that he enjoyed cock ale himself?

When One Finger Doth Point at the Other, Two Pointeth Back at the Self

Dear One Finger,

‘Tis a Curious question thou doth pose for Kit. Will has been knowne to turn down my cock ale as he does not believe in its abilitie to renew the spirit and bodie. And yet, something doth tell your Kit the bard doth protest to much, methinks…

Infinitely Yours,

Monday, August 6, 2012

Kit gone wilde...

'Tis Kit here! That fool Will didst not amende his passe worde from the last time I hath conquered his Wall! Ha! I shall dub this Kitblogging until he doth note that his castle hath been breech’d. Therefore, those of thee that do liketh this posting at Shakesblogging on Facebook shall be entered into a contest for a “Team Marlowe” shirt. I shall plucke out two champions when Will doth note he hath been pranked. Mayhap your Marlowe will schoole him on the art of secrecy yet.

Friday, August 3, 2012

When the clowne's pranks wear thin...

Oh, your poor Will has suche an ache in his heade.  'Tis time to put out the candles and drift me off in Morpheus' cradle.  Bill Kempe didst read mine blogge on the hinky pinky and all day at the theatre and all night at the tavern wouldst spring, catlyke, upon us and yelle: "HINKETY PINKETY!!!!" as loude as he couldst muster.  (If thou hast observ'd him perform, thou knowest he can bellow louder than Joshua's ramhornes of Jericho.) Where his jest was merrie the first or third time, it plagued the ears and temples when he continu'd.  I do wish thee good night, sweet groundlyngs. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The hunt is on!

'Twas a merrie daye passed at the Rose.  Burbage did enact Doctor Faustus in Kit's playe, and we his brothers remain'd after to espie Large Dicke pursue the ladies.  Believing himself to bee so enchanting to one faire lass, he paide no heede when Thomas Nashe didst whisper such thinges in her ear as would make the harlot to blushe.  Playinge for a crowd of does enthrall'd by his presence, the hunstman Burbage only learn'd too late his prize doe had been stolen from 'neath him, to be 'neath Nashe's stag that verrie eve.