Friday, August 3, 2012

When the clowne's pranks wear thin...

Oh, your poor Will has suche an ache in his heade.  'Tis time to put out the candles and drift me off in Morpheus' cradle.  Bill Kempe didst read mine blogge on the hinky pinky and all day at the theatre and all night at the tavern wouldst spring, catlyke, upon us and yelle: "HINKETY PINKETY!!!!" as loude as he couldst muster.  (If thou hast observ'd him perform, thou knowest he can bellow louder than Joshua's ramhornes of Jericho.) Where his jest was merrie the first or third time, it plagued the ears and temples when he continu'd.  I do wish thee good night, sweet groundlyngs. 

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