Sunday, December 30, 2012

Will's Night of Errours

O my deare groundlyngs!  Your Will didst pass these Yuletide days in suche a state of merriment.  The Gray's Inne did pay mine own Lord Chamberlain's men to perform the Comedie of Errours for the Christmas lawe revels.  There was much revellynge but little lawe to be had!  The crowde was merrie and boisterous, and so did your Will and his men follow their lead with dancinge and jugglinge and drinkyne.  Forsoothe, we did drinke as much sack as the best of men, so that when we didst take to the stage, our playinge was as much a comedie of errours as the words I didst but scribe.

Young Jacke, playing roles of the women in mine playe, didst win unwelcome adorations from an older ruffian who so believed the youth’s actinge and dress that the man pursued Jacke-the-courtesan off the stage and even dared to step upon the plankes during the scene!  Jacke didst trie to hold the man at bay, stepping himself back into Richard Burbage. 

Burbage, so drunke with sack, had long since abandoned the lines as your Will had writ them, and now sought to woo a tasty lass in the audience.  Jacke did tumble back into Burbage, who then tossed forward, sack and all, into his Jill. 

The audience did roar – mayhap even moreso than, I confess, I hath heard in close of this comedie itself.  From this night forth, we hath determined we shall call this the Night of Errours!

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