Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ask Young Will

Dear Young Will,

I have to go through the agony of jury service starting today. Democracy, civic duty, yeah yeah but it's involuntary slavery. Did'st the citizens of your day have to do this too? Did'st thou?

Ambivalent Jurispru...

Dear Jurisprudence,

Your Will hath indeed spent his time in courts of England, and thou canst read about such an instance in a case knowne as Bellott v. Mountjoy:

As to jury duty, we hath observ├ęd this system in England since the Normans didst cross the channel, though oft in that age the jurists hath also borne witness to matters of the case.

In your Will’s age, those with monie and influence didst have better hope of winninge a case (unless the defendante hath offended her Majestie). Your Will feels stronglie ye moderns hath amended this inequalitie, yes?

Eternally Yours

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