Saturday, September 22, 2012

Meet Ben's Codpiece

After thy careful voting, groundlyngs, and after conferring with Ben and his cur, we hath found the beast answeres beste to "Codpiece." Kit is much amus'd and hath bestowed knighthood on the dogge with a bone, and now doth call him Lord Codpiece. Our champion, then, be one Summer Rae Banks. Lady Banks, please send your Will a message with thine lodging number so we may send thee some gifts, which do include our London mug, a poster of mine naughtie bits, a mousepad, and some other gifts.

Lady Jennifer Graves, as Dogberry was so near to being champion, we wouldst send thee some gifts as well. Please send us thy lodging information here or at

Congratulations and we thank all of thee that didst enter!

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